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China’s well-documented environmental problems are major roadblocks to the healthy and sustainable development of the country. Protection and improvement of China’s environmental quality has reached a tipping point that can no longer be ignored. In this background, SUSTech, in response to the significant strategic needs of our nation, established the School of Environmental Science and Engineering (hereafter referred to as “School”) to advance scientific understanding and develop engineering approaches that will contribute to environmental protection.

The Dean of the School is Professor Zheng Chunmiao who is a recipient of Chinese government’s “Recruitment Program of Global Experts (also known as the ‘1000 Talents Program’). Professor Zheng is a globally renowned expert in the field of groundwater hydrology.  Under the School, there are Division of Water Science and Technology, Division of Atmospheric Environment, Division of Resources Recycling Science and Engineering, and Institute of Earth System Science. The research areas of the School include: water science and technology, water resources, water environment, water treatment (including desalination), atmospheric environment, atmospheric chemistry, air pollution control, greenhouse gas emission reduction, industrial ecology solid waste disposal and utilization, earth system science, Ecosystem assessment, remote sensing, and global change, all of which are closely linked with societal needs. In addition, Engineering Technology Innovation Center (Beijing) has specifically founded to work on the innovation and market transformation of environmental technologies as well as the design and implementation of environmental improvement projects apart from providing a platform for undergraduate and graduate internship. 

The medium and long-term objectives of School are to become: 

1. an innovational training ground for top talents in the field of environmental science and engineering in China;

2. an international center of excellence for environmental science and engineering research. 

3. an national platform for the original innovation and industrialization of advanced environmental protection technologies.

4. a think-tank that influences the policy makers and educates the general public toward sustainable socio-economic development of China. 

The undergraduate curriculum will be offered by Divisions of Water Science and Technology, Atmospheric Environment, Resources Recycling Science and Engineering, the graduate curriculum will be offered by all these three and Institute of Earth System Science. For internship and practical training, students can gain rich experiences in the Engineering Technology Innovation Center (Beijing). We will complete the educational plans of undergraduate and graduate programs within 2015 and submit the application of undergraduate and graduate programs. One major feature of School will be the adaptation of the international standard for teaching. 
More specifically, the School will: 

1. Develop diverse and comprehensive cooperative programs with internationally recognized universities in other countries;

2. Conduct undergraduate and graduate course instructions fully in English; and

3. Recruit foreign faculty of outstanding teaching and research capabilities.  

Engineering Technology Innovation Center (Beijing)

With its reliance on Faculty of Environmental Science and Engineering of SUSTech and close studies of the current conditions of China’s environmental protection and the industry’s features, SUSTech Engineering Technology Innovation Center (Beijing) is dedicated to bridging the gap between scientific results and their industrial applications and to benefiting social development, creating work opportunities both for teachers and students as well as generating profits for enterprises. By bringing the scientific results into social, industrial and open applications effectively through working jointly with the academic circle and the industrial circle, we will make the innovation center an international innovative platform for environment protection. 

The work scope of the center: to develop key environment protection technologies and promote their engineering development and systematic integration as well as their demonstrative application and industrialization; to participate in the formulation of environment protection policies, standards and technological guidelines in China and provide technical support and services for national environment management, supervision and decision making; to offer professional training for students, professionals and key technicians of companies and to build a platform for international cooperation in environment protection-related researches, study and applications.