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Talent Categories Name Title Selected Time/Batch
Fellow of Royal Academy of EngineeringDavid LernerChair Professor2001
Academician of CASJinren Ni Long-term Visiting Professor2015
1000 Talents ProgramChunmiao Zheng Chair Professor & DeanThe 3rd Batch
You-Kuan Zhang Chair ProfessorThe 3rd Batch
Chongxuan Liu Chair ProfessorThe 10th batch
Yan Zheng Chair ProfessorThe 10th batch
Baolin DengChair ProfessorThe 12th Batch
National Nature Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars Hailong Li Chair Professor2010
Junguo LiuProfessor2016
National Science Fund for Excellent Young Scholars Zuotai Zhang Professor2015
Yi Zheng Professor2016
1000 Youth Talents ProgramXingxing KuangAssociate ProfessorThe 13rd Batch
Luke GibsonAssociate ProfessorThe 13rd Batch
National High-level Personnel of Special Support ProgramJunguo Liu ProfessorThe 1st Batch
The State Council Special Allowance ExpertQing Hu Professor2013
Shenzhen Scholars ProgramXiming Cai Short-term Distinguished Professor2015