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SUSTech Environmental Biotechnology Research Center Jointly Established – Opening Ceremony


On the morning of March 30th, SUSTech and Shenzhen Hualian Century Bioengineering Co. Ltd held a joint opening ceremony for the newly established research center specialised in Environmental Biotechnology, in SUSTech's International conference hall. Among the notable members present was Chairwoman of the university council Guo Yurong, SUSTech President Chen Shiyi, Hualian Century Bioengineering Chairman Luo Weicheng and Vice-Chairman Li Enan. The ceremony was overseen by Zheng Chunmiao, Dean of the School of Environmental Science and Engineering.

Under the new agreement, Hualian Century Bioengineering donated 30 million yuan to jointly set up with SUSTech the new research center who's goal will be to explore new areas of biotechnology. The association of the university with this major company will build a collaborative platform between academics and professionals pooling together resources and projects, which should be a major driver of innovation and progress in the field of biotechnology, particularly in the sector of clean energy and environmental protection.

Ms Guo gave a speech at the ceremony in which she expressed her gratitude to Hualian Century Bioengineering for their support and confidence in education and in SUSTech. She underlined that the university is still new and innovative in it's concept, but that in 2016 the annual funding for professors and research was over 300 million yuan, ranking SUSTech 7th in China for funding per capita, and entering the National University Foundation's top 15. With such remarkable progress, explained Guo, it was encouraging and ultimately inevitable that the university attracts social and entrepreneurial support. She concluded by saying she hoped that the establishment of the research center would yield significant results for both parties, as well as on a larger scale for the city of Shenzhen and in general the global environmental protection.

Mr Liu also gave a speech at the ceremony congratulating both parties on the opening of the research center. He said he hoped to develop closer ties to SUSTech and build a platform for technological innovation by combining production, education and research to jointly promote the development of environmental biotechnology.

Finally, Professor Liu Gongxuan of the School of Environmental Science and Engineering also took over the ceremony to address the audience. He said that environmental biotechnology is one of the most important and fastest growing areas at the moment and the establishment of the research center will provide an excellent platform for combining research and production in environmental biotechnology, which hopefully will result in new products and applications.

Signed and sealed - At the meeting, Chen Shiyi and Luo Weicheng signing the agreement.

Guo Yurong - on behalf of the school - received a donation of 30 million yuan, and donated to Lu Weicheng a commemorative medal in exchange.

Guo Yurong and Luo Weicheng jointly unveiled the Environmental Biotechnology Research Center of our school.