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Summa Cum Laude Graduates Award Ceremony Held at SUSTech


On the afternoon of May 24, the award ceremony for top 10 graduates took place at SUSTech. Attendees included University Council Chairperson Guo Yurong, University Council Vice Chairperson Li Fengliang, Residential College Director Hanwei, professor representatives, student representatives, and representatives from every department, school, institute, office, center and residential college.

Before the voting process, each of the 16 nominated graduates introduced themselves, engaged in debates, and answered tough questions from judges. Equipped with eye-catching Powerpoint slides and well-edited videos, the graduates’ introductions covered their experience and achievements in their studies, research, charity, volunteer service and student society engagement. All of them had strong stage presence and responded to the judges’ challenges in their own way.

The nominees are from different backgrounds with different aspirations, and they made full use of this to highlight themselves as unique individuals rather than the typical “top Asian students.” The 16 nominees also talked about their outstanding qualities:

Perfectionist Huang Rongpeng,

Purist Jiang Haoyue,

Math Genius Zhong Benxing,

Computer Lover Ge Linfei,

Research “Magician” Yu Sicen,

World Traveler Ouyang Wenkai,

Heart Follower Li Jiayuan,

“The Perfect Kid Next Door” Chen Wanli,

The Super Ambitious Ye Qiao,

The Somewhat Edgy Wu Tingting,

The Smiley Underdog Girl Xu Jiahui,

International-Style Meme Queen Wang Siting,

Smart, Ambitious and Cool Girl Guo Tianzi,

Startup Entrepreneur with Buddhist Mindset Wang Yang,

Huang Lexiang, who always chooses to live differently; and

Song Libo, who always feels responsible for SUSTech’s Development.

Before the results were released, the Center of Arts presented an instrumental quintet. By combining the Internet public votes and judge votes, Student Affairs Office Director Xue Zheng announced the top 10 graduates of SUSTech’s class of 2018:

Huang Rongpeng (School of Environmental Science and Engineering),

Chen Wanli (Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering),

Jiang Haoyue (Department of Physics),

Zhong Benxing (Department of Mathematics),

Yu Sicen (Department of Materials Science and Engineering),

Ye Qiao (Department of Biology),

Wang Siting (Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering),

Song Libo (School of Environmental Science and Engineering),

Guo Tianzi (Department of Materials Science and Engineering), and

Ouyang Wenkai (Department of Materials Science and Engineering).

After the top 10 students spoke about the honor of being deemed in the top 10 of the graduating class, Guo Yurong congratulated them and encouraged other SUSTech students to learn from them.


Original Chinese Article by Ning Shuo (Office of Student Affairs)

English Translation by Fan Yining

Proofread by Chris Edwards

Photos by Wang Kaiqiang and Zeng Haixiang