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School of Environmental Science and Engineering Held 2018 Commencement Ceremony


On the morning of July 12, the School of Environmental Science and Engineering (SESE) held its first graduation ceremony in the lecture hall of SUSTech’s Research Building #1. Hosted by SESE Vice Dean Zhang You-Kuan, the ceremony invited University Council Chairperson Guo Yurong, SESE Dean Zheng Chunmiao, Vice Dean Zheng Yi, Dean of Engineering College Xu Zhenghe, faculty members, 48 SESE graduates and their family members, faculty members and special guest Liu Jian, Director of Technology Division at UN Environment Program.

Guo Yurong delivered the opening speech at the ceremony. She congratulated all the graduates, thanked all the faculty members’ hard work, and urged the graduating students to contribute to national and global development with their academic expertise. Xu Zhenghe shared the similar sentiments. He pointed out that graduation is not the end, but a beginning of a new chapter in life.


Next, Dean Zheng Chunmiao presented the keynote speech themed “Fearlessly Start from Scratch,” in which he reflected on the foundation and development of SESE since 2015. He praised the first graduates for their outstanding qualities and looked forward to their future achievements.

 Zheng Yi shared his thoughts on graduation with the theme of “choices,” saying we need to think outside the box, break the mold, and focus on the bigger picture when making decisions. However, he also reminded graduates also to be pragmatic and hard-working.

Liu Jian’s speech focused on environmental issues and his work at the UN Environment Program. He stated that environmental pollution could pose more threats and cause more damage than world wars and that the existing ecological issues would take many generations’ efforts to resolve. He urged everyone to be aware of environmental problems and called on SESE graduates to participate in protecting the environment.

Zhang You-Kuan announced SESE’s five summa cum laude graduates. Huang Rongfan, Song Libo, Song Yating, Zhong Xuan and Chen Jingjing received their honor certificates from University Council Chairperson Guo Yurong. Graduate representatives Huang Rongfan and Chen Jingjing followed the presentation with moving speeches. They expressed their gratitude towards SESE’s nurture throughout the years and gave SESE the best wishes. After the speech, they presented faculty members and university leaders with flowers.


Zhang You-Kuan then returned to the stage and announced the decision to award degrees to 38 class of 2018 graduates and 10 master’s graduates. Zheng Chunmiao turned the tassels on the graduates’ cap and took photos with them to capture the memorable moment.


Original Article: School of Environmental Science and Engineering

Translation: Fan Yining

Proofreading: Chris Edwards