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Yang Zhang

zhangy6@sustc.edu.cn Toxic Chemicals in the Environment and the Environmental Risk Assessment and Management

Jianghong Shi

Yi Zhang  zhangy3@pub.sustc.edu.cn Heavy Metal Pollution In Soil Restoration

Qing Hu

Ganquan Mao

maogq@sustc.edu.cn  Study on Water Resources under the Background of Global Change  

Junguo Liu

Wei Qi
Water Safety and Ecological Protection Junguo Liu
Peng Liao liaop@sustc.edu.cn Environmental geochemistry Chongxuan Liu
Azam Lashkari azam@sustc.edu.cn Climate change & Agrophenology & Sustainable Agriculture Sujong Jeong
Chong Jiang jiangchong1987@gmail.com Ecosystem Service & Ecohydrology Junguo Liu
Hehuan Liao liaohh@sustc.edu.cn Water Chemistry Chongxuan Liu
Hui Ge geh@sustc.edu.cn Environmental Technology Jianghong Shi
Xue Zhang zhangx3@sustc.edu.cn Wastewater treatment Chongxuan Liu
Ningning Shao shaonn@sustc.edu.cn Environment-friendly energy-saving materials Zuotai Zhang
Yujie Ben benyj@sustc.edu.cn Environmental Health Risk Assessment Chunmiao Zheng
Michele Lancia lancia@sustc.edu.cn Hydrogeology Modeling Chunmiao Zheng
Shaoyan Mou moushy@sustc.edu.cn Environmental Chemistry Chunmiao Zheng
Zigong Ning ningcg@sustc.edu.cn Soil contamination remediation Chongxuan Liu
Xin Liu liux5@sustc.edu.cn Membrane separation processes for desalination and water reuse Baolin Deng
Jaewon Joo jooj@sustc.edu.cn Hydrology & water resources management Chunmiao Zheng
Song Wei weis@sustc.edu.cn Fractional derivative modeling and analysis of anomalous solute migration Yi Zheng
Rong Li lir6@sustc.edu.cn Reactive Transport in Porous media Chongxuan Liu
Kun Sun sunk@sustc.edu.cn Environmental remote sensing Lian Feng
Kai Wang wangk6@sustc.edu.cn Water Resources Engineering Junguo Liu
Yuqing Zhao zhaoyq@sustc.edu.cn Fractured Groundwater Youkuan Zhang
Shubin Wang wangsb@sustc.edu.cn Resource Utilization of Solid Waste Zuotai Zhang
Yunjie Ma mayj@sustc.edu.cn Environmental Engineering & Water pollution control Yan Zheng
Yu Zhou zhouy6@sustc.edu.cn Environmental Policy Assessment Bin Ye